• Industry and investors are welcome
    Here in Emsland we look forward to new businesses and entrepreneurs. This fully applies to all sectors. In cooperation with the political community we are committed to sustainable growth.

  • Seaports close by
    Quick access to the largest North European ports of Rotterdam and Hamburg. Always close to the major global goods flow.

  • Benefit from the success story
    For 20 years, the GVZ Emsland has been the pioneer among North German cargo transport centres. Benefit from expertise, dedication and applied innovation

GVZ Emsland Success Story

Professional suppliers from the region and from the neighbouring Netherlands have  joined forces in the freight centre (GVZ) Emsland, the longest running – and only fully functional – GVZ in Lower Saxony.

Our customers and partners benefit from expertise, dedication and applied innovation.

Through the perfect national and international transport connections we ship containers from Emsland around the entire globe. The GVZ Emsland is very close to the major global goods flow, including the proximity to the largest North European ports of Rotterdam and Hamburg as well as the Jade-Weser port, Germany’s only deep water port.

Our Secret to Success

Our secret to success: one contact for all logistical challenges. Your request is our priority: unbureaucratic, flexible und pragmatic. That makes logistical projects easier, faster and, accordingly, more cost effective. You can talk to and depend on the GVZ Emsland. Always open, always clear and always dedicated. We like to think and act North German – as partners focussing on the essentials.


GVZ Emsland
Industriestr. 4 
26892 Dörpen, Germany

Peter Fischer
Telephone: +49 (0)4963 / 9117 101

Aloys Terhorst
Telephone: +49 (0)4963 / 9117 110

E-Mail: info@remove-this.gvz-e.de