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    Ideal national and international connections. Central location in the north, near the Netherlands. At the centre of the northern logistics axles – container traffic from Emsland across the globe.

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    The central logistics hub on the river Ems for combined transport. Multifunctional interface between water, rail and road.

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    Innovation is part of everyday life. Freedom and flexibility in thinking is a must. Together, we can always find a better answer: what logistical challenge we can solve for you?

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Die Lagerhalle der DUK wird in Betrieb genommen

veröffentlicht am 01.06.2008 in Presse und Entwicklung
Die DUK hat im GVZ Dörpen die neue Lagerhalle in Betrieb genommen.

Im GVZ Dörpen stehen nun weitere 12.500 qm Lagerkapazität zur Verfügung.

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