• Industry and investors are welcome
    Here in Emsland we look forward to new businesses and entrepreneurs. This fully applies to all sectors. In cooperation with the political community we are committed to sustainable growth.

  • Trimodality in perfection
    The central logistics hub on the river Ems for combined transport. Multifunctional interface between water, rail and road.

  • The infrastructure counts
    You benefit from a highly developed logistics infrastructure, cumulative logistics competence and plenty of room for growth. Synergies that save costs - we find the most economical way.

Combined Freight Transport

State-of -the-Art Loading Technology

One of the most advanced CT facilities in northern Germany with three high-technology gantry cranes, two reach stackers designed especially for the DUK and more than 50,000 square metres of depot space: ideal conditions for fast and easy handling of goods and effective transport modal change.

The capacity of the CT facility is currently 15,000 TEU per annum and can be increased at short notice to double capacity by the rising trend in charge quantity.

Fast Connections

CT stations throughout Germany and in neighbouring EU countries can be reached overnight from the GVZ Emsland safely and on schedule.

The GVZ Emsland is directly connected to the CT network of the Deutsche Bahn AG through the fully functional CT station of the Dörpener Umschlaggesellschaft für den kombinierten Verkehr mbH (DUK), which represents a most important hub.

Also, so-called all train compilations will soon be possible; the extension of the loading tracks at the railway transhipment terminal to 700 metres is planned among other things.

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